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Domestic Violence Survivor Urgent Relocation

Nicole-Corrine Davis?Loudoun County Area Garage Sale Group Yesterday at 8:43pm · Edited · Bedroom Suite 4 Piece $1,250 — Cascades-Sterling Online Yard Sale SALE ENDS Sunday , 7/26/2015 at 12:00pm One of my favorite authors by the name of Dave Berry had this to say about furniture: "The only really good place to buy lumber is at a store where the lumber has already been cut and attached together in the form of furniture finished and put inside boxes." Moving to Loudoun County at the brink of Spring; displayed a trifecta of: validation, vocation and victory [so I thought]. I had just acquired a new job as an IT Project Manager, enrolled to finish my PhD In Cyber Security and felt free to enjoy my new beginning. Now has become draining- unjust and depressing. Since Pentecost Sunday 2014, I have been fighting the hardest war of my life; resulting from my ex-fiancé ambushing subsequently dousing me with an entire bottle of gasoline being at the time I was a chain smoker. To make a long story short, after recovering in rehab and relocating to DMV he began to stalk me even more, his family and friends would call or even show up at my job--leading me to fired. He was finally apprehended last week after a 13 month. Unfortunately for me despite this victory I am now forced to relocate again. In order to cover the expenses I am selling all of my house possessions. Items: 65" Smart LED TV 1080P 3 HDMI Purchased on March 15th 2015 Purchase Price: $2300 /tax via BestBuy Resale Request: Negotiable base:$1200-$1600 4 Piece Bedroom Suite (black) Purchased in March 2015 Purchase Price: $1379.00 all together Resale Request: $1200.00 Tempurpedic Mattress and Box Spring (Queen) $300.00 Dimora Dresser & Mirror Purchased Price; $350.00 Resale Requested: $ base 200 Mirror: $100.00 Resale Requested: $50.00 Dimora Chester: Purchased: $279.00 Resale Requested: $90.00 Night Stand: Purchased: $179.00 Resale Requested: $60.00 Bed Frame & Headboard Purchased Price: $750.00 Resale Requested: $base 500 Photos: If interested please contact me via email at N.Focused@gmail.com Please include items, price inquiry or negotiations and pick up time requested. Please note the following payment options: PayPal - Money Order - Cashier's Check- Cash or Gift Card (Visa-Master-Discover- AMEX) Payment can be completed using multiple variables listed above. I am located adjacent to Cascades Library SALE ENDS Sunday 7/26/2015 at 12:00 pm — Like Comment Write a comment... Post