Quality Vintage Furniture in Providence, RI

Providence, RI is home to some of the best vintage furniture shops in the country.  Quaint shop and furniture dealers are located all through the city selling the best vintage furniture around.  From vintage dressers, to mid-century coffee tables, to antique nightstands, Providence has some great stuff.

But what’s the best way to find all this great stuff without constantly patrolling the city?  Until now, there never was a great way.  Enter, Furnishly.  Furnishly is a local marketplace for vintage furniture in Providence.  Furnishly bring the inventory of all the local shops online, all in one place.  This way you can browse everyone’s awesome items, and make a purchase, reservation or ask a question on the spot.

Visit Furnishly Providence today for great deals on amazing, one-of-a-kind unique furniture in Providence, RI.  Let us know what you think!

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Happy Holidays!

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Unique Wall Art in Chicago

Furnishly is not only a great place to find the highest-quality vintage furniture in your city, but it is also a wonderful place to find unique art for your home or office.  The wonderful Furnishly curators of the Chicago market have offered up the fabulous pieces below:

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Vintage Furniture in Las Vegas on Furnishly

Finding good furniture deals in Las Vegas can often be a challenge.  Where are the best small business furniture retailers?  How can I find out what inventory each is holding?  Until now, there was never a great way to do so.

Furnishly, the local furniture marketplace, is the best way to browse local vintage furniture in Las Vegas, NV.  Whether you’re looking for a vintage lounge chair, a mid-century modern coffee table or a unique bed frame, Furnishly is the place to find the furniture.

Visit Furnishly Las Vegas at furnishly.com/las_vegas today for great deals on amazing, one-of-a-kind vintage furniture in Las Vegas, NV.  Let us know what you think!

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Creativity in the Workplace

This entry was originally posted by Furnishly Founder, Bryon Finke, on Built in Chicago.

I found myself watching the weekly Wall Steet Journal Report on CNBC las night and was pleasantly suprised when Fast Company’s Bob Safian and Pratt Institute Provost Peter Barna came on to talk about the importance of creative thinking when differentiating yourself in today’s marketplace.  They made the argument that, given today’s fast-paced, constantly changing economy, an MFA provides invaluable skills an MBA degree often does not.  Its about “prototyping through ideas, as opposed to simply applying models”, Safian said.

I found myself agreeing with much of the discussion, as I was constantly thinking about the vibrant community of creative-thinkers we are building inside the Furnishly marketplace.  From the consignment store in Lincoln Park that curates high-end designer pieces, to the artisan refurbisher in Crystal Lake that breathes new life into unloved decor, these people are creating real ecnomic value by pursuing their artistic passions and abilities.  At Furnishly, it is our mission to assist these businesses in establishing their brand and maintaining customer relationships locally.

Steve Jobs used to always say that the original Mac team was comprised of the best people on earth; people that would have considered themselves painters, poets or musicians, if they hadn’t discovered a new way to express themselves with the medium of computing.  It was their intense creativity that gave them the ability to show the world what personal computing could eventually become.  Sometimes the most impactful value comes from those with the courage to think a little different.

With our marketplace continuing its rapid expansion, and our team coming together in great ways, I ask that everyone take some time to embrace their creative side.  In a world that’s infatuated with process, anlaytics and risk-mitigation, its the content that really, truely makes the difference.  For example, recent startup success story Airbnb was started by a couple design school graduates who were most concerned with creating an incredible software experience to enable apartment rentals on a daily basis.  It was their well-designed software, and its ability to service the transaction better than anyone else, that built their business; not their revenue model nor marketing strategy.  Focus on building a product you are passionate about, and all the perifpherals will eventually fall into place.

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Quality Second-Hand Furniture in Sacramento

Navigating the furniture inventory in Sacramento, California can often be a challenge.  There are so many stores, all carrying similar inventory at different prices, and you never know where to waste your time driving to first.  Additionally, there are countless vintage furniture retailers / resellers you didn’t even know existed.

Well waste time no more, Furnishly, the local furniture marketplace, is here to solve your Sacramento-based furniture problems.  Furnishly is a simple, visually-focused web application that makes it easy and fun to browse vintage furniture locally.

Whether its a vintage sofa or a mid-century modern coffee table you’re looking for in Sacramento, Furnishly is your one-stop-shop for all things vintage furniture.

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Find Quality Vintage Furniture in Raleigh, North Carolina

While North Carolina is the furniture capital of the U.S., finding the perfect piece of furniture for your home or office isn’t always the easiest task.  There are countless stores around town you can browse, but that would take all day and likely not even solve the problem.  Luckily Furnishly, the local furniture marketplace, has finally made that process a whole lot easier.  Furnishly gathers the best vintage furniture pieces from all over the Raleigh area and curates them into a visual web-based interface.

Furnishly gives easy access to not only the best high-quality vintage furniture listings in Raleigh, but also the top vintage furniture consignment store in Raleigh.  So be sure to check-out Furnishly Raleigh today!

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