Chicago Furniture Consignment Stores

A great place to find some amazing deals on second hand furniture in almost every city is consignment stores.  As mentioned in a previous Furnishly Blog post, consignment inventory is held by the merchandiser at no cost.  The supplier is only paid once each item is sold.  This provides an optimal model for someone looking to sell a rare or exclusive piece that may only attract interest from a select customer group.  In Chicago, there are over 15 quality furniture consignment stores to stroll through looking for that vintage piece you’ve always wanted.  Some of our favorites include:

Berry Hill – 2517 N. Halsted St.
Broadway Antique Market – 6130 N. Broadway St.
Coyle & Herr – 1200 W. 35th St.
Devine Consign – 111 N. Oak Park Ave.
Millionaire Rejects – 1131 W. Armitage Ave.
Stuff. – 955 W. Webster Ave.
Threads Etc. – 2327 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Consignment merchandising is great, and the people involved are often extremely passionate about what they do.  The only problem with the current consignment network is that there are no true online listings.  Few consignment stores keep their inventory listed online, and for those that do the search is fragmented and inefficient.

What’s your favorite piece or your best consignment find? Please comment below or find us on Twitter.

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