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Furnishly, the local furniture exchange, is the first ever consumer marketplace dedicated exclusively to the sale of second-hand furniture.  By moving the furniture vertical into its own environment, Furnishly is able to offer value-add functionality that takes both the buyer and seller experiences to the next level.  By incorporating geographic search, item segmentation, and social functionality, Furnishly hopes to vastly improve upon the current offerings to transact second-hand furniture in an urban environment.


All Furnishly users have the ability to create new furniture listings using our simple three step process.  The listings are then sent to our support team for approval.  Once approved, the listings are indexed within our marketplace and are ready for sale!  All purchases executed through our site are subject to a 10% commission fee. 


Founded in Chicago, IL in late 2011 under Chicago venture firm Consumer Interactions, Furnishly is building a strong base in the local interior design community. At Furnishly, we are constantly looking for ways to strengthen our product to better meet the needs of our customers. If you are a furniture fanatic, consignment store operator or someone obsessed with a great deal, we would love to hear from you!  

Message us on Twitter @furnishly.  Thanks for visiting!