Frequently Asked Questions


Account Information

Q)  How can I edit my account information, such as my name, email address and profile image?

A)  To edit your account information, select the 'Account Information' link along the left-hand side of your 'My Account' dashboard page.  From there you can edit all fields shown and save changes.


Q)  How can I change my account password, or retrieve a password I forgot?

A)  To change a password while already logged into your account, select the 'Account Information' page from within your 'My Account' dashboard page and click the small box to the right of 'Password'.  You will be prompted to enter your old password and the new password of your choice.  To retreive a password that has been forgotten, click the 'Forgot my password' link from the 'Sign-in' page.  You will be prompted for your email and a new password will be sent shortly.


Item Listings

Q)  How can I list an item for sale on Furnishly?

A)  To list an item, you must be a registered user.  Once registered and successfully logged-in, click the 'List Your Furniture' link in the upper right-hand corner of every page.  From there you will be taken through a series of fields required to produce an attractive listing.  Once completed, click 'submit' in step 3 and your item will be sent for approval.


Q)  I submitted an item for listing but it does not appear in my account.  What did I do wrong?

A)  Once an item is submitted, it is sent to through an approval process that ensure its content is acceptable to post on Furnishly.  This process occurs as quickly as possible and is generally complete within an hour of your submission.  If your listing still does not appear in your account after 24 hours, please contact Furnishly customer service at, or via our 'Contact Us' page, and will we work to correct the issue right away.


Q)  How can I remove an item that has already been listed?

A)  To remove a listed item, select the 'Listed Items' page from within your 'My Account' dashboard page.  From there you will see a list of all your current titles, with several fields to the right.  Click the 'available' text beneath the 'status' header of the item you wish to remove.  This will change that item's status from 'available' to 'sold', and the item will no longer be accessable by buyers on the site.


Q)  How can I edit an item that has already been listed?

A)  To edit an existing listing, simply navigate to the 'Listed Items' tab of your account 'dashboard'.  From there, select the 'edit' icon to the right of the listing you are interested in editing.  Once you have gone through all the listing steps, click submit and the changes will be immediately viewable.



Q)  How can I view my current messages and messages sent to me in the past?

A)  To view all account messages, select the 'Messages' page from within your 'My Account' dashboard page.  From there you can read, reply and search all existing messages in your account using the drop-down menu to sort.